About Techito

After many years of working on enterprise websites for large consultancies, and independent consulting for a variety of blue-chip companies, I founded Techito in 2012. I wanted to create a company that focuses on doing things right, and getting things done. After being called in to solve untold rescue-projects, I have a good idea of how projects go wrong, how to steer them back on-track, and how to successfully deliver a project.

I've worked in web-development since 2000, and with Drupal since 2007, where I've worked as lead technical architect on a number of multi-million dollar enterprise projects, leading on-shore and off-shore teams, training and mentoring in-house developers, and providing architecture consultancy.

Marcus Deglos, Founder

We work with SMEs, local and national public-sector, large corporations, charities…we're an open bunch. We prefer interesting technical challenges, and delivering projects that are "done properly" and built with a future in mind.

Most of our projects are based around a Drupal site, but we work with all sorts of technology - from Solr to Puppet, AWS to nginx, PHP, Ruby, Java, and much more.

If you'd like us to help with your project, call us: +44 (0)20 3588 2310.